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The Australian Centre for Sexual Health was established  in 1992. The Centre is staffed by a team of male and female specialist doctors, psychologists, sex therapists, relationship therapists & counsellors, nurse specialists, researchers and support staff who are all expert in the treatment of the sexual and  emotional problems that may affect men, women and couples. 

Sexual and relationship problems are common in our society,  and, in many respects, may represent our response to the stress and lifestyle of modern life. However, all  sexual problems can be treated, often within a short period of time with simple measures that may include counseling, sexual  education and medication. Some patients may require medical testing to establish the cause of their problem and determine the best method of treatment.

Common Problems …

Sexual difficulties may range from a lack of sexual desire to an inability to function sexually. Both men and women may experience difficulty with arousal – men may have difficulty with their erections, and women may experience discomfort or some dryness during sex.  Difficulties with achieving satisfaction during sex or orgasm are also common – men may ejaculate too quickly, or too slowly or not all, women may  experience pain  during  sex or may fail to achieve orgasm. Couples often have different levels of sexual desire and can be helped by expert counseling.

Effective Treatments …

The best treatment for each sexual difficulty depends on its cause, severity, the general health of the patient but most importantly, the wishes and goals of both the patient and  partner. Recent advances in psychological and medical   science enable almost every patient to be helped. Most patients can be treated with simple measures including counselling, medication or a combination of treatments. A small number of patients may require surgery.

To make an Appointment …  

The Centre is located at Suite 2-4, Berry Road Medical Centre, IA Berry Road St Leonards NSW Australia ( ... opposite the Royal North Shore Hospital).

The Centre is open 5 days a week during normal business hours. Patients can only be seen by making  an appointment. Appointments can be made by calling the Centre’s friendly reception staff on  (02) 9437 3906 - several lines are open. The reception staff will advise you if you need a doctor’s referral, the time and duration of your  appointment, the approximate cost and the best way to get to the Centre – part of your fee will be refunded by Medicare. If you have not been referred  to a specific doctor or counsellor, the reception staff may ask for a brief description of your problem so they can decide which specialist may best help you. Reception staff can answer most questions but are unable to give any  medical advice.



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